UPLB Mass history has a long and rich history that all started in 1967. We, as a recognized academic and youth-serving organization in UPLB and National Youth Commission (NYC), cultivate deeper appreciation and wider application of Mathematical Sciences, by fostering academic excellence in the direction of social relevance and by integration and involvement with the rest of the university constituency and with the Filipino masses as well. Therefore, our organization has grown to become one of the strongest recognized academic organization in UPLB.

We, the members of the UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society, are extremely proud of our history and the organization we’ve become today. As a result of  our dedication and leadership, it allowed us to grow into a leading organization in Mathematical Sciences in UPLB.

Maybe, you are eager to check the fruit of UPLB Mass history for 43 years? Check our organization activities throughout the academic year! In addition, here’s the list of our sponsors who trusted and believed us in our great endeavor.


Dec 03

The Creation

The year 1967 paved the way for the creation of what is now known as the UPLB MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES SOCIETY, also known as the UPLB MASS. During that time, the Department of Applied Math was still under the College of Agriculture. A group of enterprising, BS Agriculture students majoring in Applied Mathematics decided to form the UPLB Applied Mathematics Society (UPLBAMS). But it was short-lived. After a year when their adviser left Los Baños, the organization suffered from lack of moral support. Eventually, it ceased to function.

Dec 03


Then, in 1973, a year after the College of Arts and Humanities was established, a new group of Mathematical Sciences Majors, realizing the importance of being organized, revived the UPLBAMS. It marked the beginning of the society. Also, that same year, the Department of Applied Mathematics was changed to Department of Math, Statistics, and Physics.

Nov 16

Four Years Later

DMSP was split into two departments, namely: the Department of Math and Physics and the Department of Statistics and Statistical Laboratories.

Nov 16


The society in 1981, being responsive to the changes in time, decided to rename it the UPLB Mathematics and Statistics Society, and later on, the UPLB Mathematical Sciences Society.

Jan 16


Now, the society has grown stronger than ever. It has participated and won in many quiz contests and extra-curricular activities. The pursuit of academic excellence and the cultivation of deeper appreciationand wider application of Math, Applied Math, Statistics, and Computer Science have been the foremost goal of each member.

Dec 03

Today and For tomorrows to come

Today and for tomorrows to come, UPLB MASS will stand the test of time, continuing its noble tradition of contributing to the country’s efforts towards a well-formed citizenry with regards to the fields of Mathematical Sciences.