All UPLB undergraduate and graduate students may apply for membership to the society provided that:

a. he/she is an Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics or Statistics major;

b. he/she has at least 5 units of any Mathematical Sciences course credited by UPLB;

c. he/she has at least one semester residency in UPLB.
All prospective members satisfying (a) and (b) but not (c), shall be subject for deliberation by the body.
All prospective members must undergo a probationary period as determined by the Membership Committee.
Any deferred applicant must complete the requirements in the next recruitment period. If not done during the given time, the applicant is strictly required to go over the process completely.
Any member who is registered in UPLB is a resident member. Those who are not registered in UPLB are automatically inactive.
Honorary membership shall be conferred upon any person by virtue of his contributions towards the fulfillment of the society’s objectives as determined by the members of the society.
Alumni members are those members of the society who have graduated from UPLB. Any alumnus may resume active membership if he/she resumes enrollment in line with the Mathematical Sciences in UPLB. In such a case, the alumnus is now categorized as a resident member.


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