His name is George and the official mascot of this recognized academic organization. George is a full-time MASScot, a part-time imaginary friend to the members of UPLB MASS. George was created by Jojo de Jesus and first appeared on the MathSci shirt of the society in 1995.

It all started with Minerva Dionido, who liked to put different icons on her Special Problem, asking Jojo to draw her an icon. George was born. Since then, Jojo kept drawing George every chance he got. Eventually, George was included on the MathSci shirt and at the set design of the Annual Search for Math Wizard in 1995’s MathSci Week.

Because we found him cute and adorable, he was declared as the official MASScot and he began to appear on the society’s exhibits, MASS shirts, souvenirs, and even on walls. Why the name “George”? The society’s members at the time had this official statement: “Wala lang. Asar lang kami sa pangalang ‘George’.”

The most interesting feature of George is that he has no mouth, nose, and ears. It is still a mystery and a hot topic debates among the society’s members the reason behind George’s only having a pair of eyes.

George’s early appearances always showed him wearing a blue double-breasted suit, and accessorized with a blue Hamburg hat and a black attaché case. At first, there was almost no attempt to change his appearance for years after he first appeared. But these past couple of years, the creativity of the society’s members started to influence his appearance. George suddenly started to wear sporty get-ups and other casual attires.

Since then, his wardrobe is getting bigger, staring from his accessories which is increasing in number. George’s body size has also been varied. But there is only one thing has never changed about George. And that’s his ear-less, nose-less, and mouth-less head. Why? We may never know.