Sundan Ang Pangarap is an inspirational song about hope, aspirations, and achieving one’s dream. The music was composed and arranged by Dr. Louie Ramos (15 Strokes) and the lyrics were written by Josie Castro-San Pedro (Deck of Cards) in 1983 as UPLB MASS’ entry to Himigsikan, a song writing competition organized by the UP Buklod Lahi. Since the organization is always blessed with musical talent and driven by our love for music, we competed in Himigsikan every year that it was on. We auditioned and selected 16 singers and performed the song in 4 parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) with choreography. As a result, Sundan Ang Pangarap won 1st Runner Up that year.

Sundan Ang Pangarap was first used in the finals of batch 50-50 in 1985 and was not really planned. We wanted to sing an inspirational song that everybody knew and it was a natural choice. Since then, the resident members started singing the song spontaneously during the acceptance ceremonies.

Author’s Note: Since I graduated in 1982, I keep in touch with my brods and sisses of my time and eventually, I lost touch with the younger batches. I was surprised to learn that the song has become and continues to be a tradition. After so many years, the song continues to inspire me and touch our lives. It is a common thread that binds us all. Follow your dreams.

(The following is reconstructed from the best of my memory. My apologies in advance for any inaccuracies or omissions.)


Pagmasdan ang guhit sa palad
Kay raming landas sa ‘yo’y inaalay
Bawat isa ay mayroon patutunguhan
Batid mo ba kung saan ka pupunta
Tuklasin ang nais mong marating
isipin kung paano ito makakamit
Piliin ang landas patungo sa inaasam
Gamitin mong gabay sa iyong paglalakbay
Kung saan patungo ang landas
Sundan mo hanggang katapusan
Ano mang balakid ang sa ‘yo ay hahadlang
Isipin mong ito’y isang pagsubok lang
Subukan mong unti-unting tahakin ang iyong landas
Sikapin mong marating ang mga pangarap
Ano mang kasawian ang iyong maranasan
Ipagpatuloy lang iyong paglalakbay
Piliin ang landas na yong binabaybay
Parang ilog pasikut-sikot ang daan
Saang lugar ka man mapadpad o maligaw
Humayo ka’t ituloy ang paglakbay
(repeat refrain and chorus, except last line)
Sundan ang iyong pangarap