In our efforts to document all the most noteworthy versions of the website, this page is born. As a result, all the version that this website has gone through from its first launch up to this date can be found in this page.

Version 9 2016
2016 is the year of this current version and the latest website evolution of the site.  Redesigning the website is the main goal of updating the website and making sure it is not too far from the current website trends (i.e. Responsiveness and user-friendly navigation). With the coordination of the resident members, the website was re-design and updated with the help of an alumna, Ann Cyndel Abilon. This website evolution gave a total make-over to the last version of the website.
Version 8 2012
After 4 years of website inactivity, access to the UPLB MASS website has been obscured throughout the ages, leaving it heavily outdated. With the help of Alumna Van Paglicauan, access to the website information was restored. WordPress is now integrated in the website making use of the platform as a CMS. A small team of alumni and members, Mico, Aga, Majo and Owensen,  took the initiative to design and implement the integration and revival of the website. One major task is updating and reintegrating the old content into the new platform.
Version 7.1
UPLB Mass site’s contents are primarily based from version 7. A flash navigation bar is added. Actually, this version is composed of more flash animations than any other earlier versions of the site. Aldrich Escudero is the main person who primarily designed this website evolution. Most noteworthy on this website evolution was it was the first time that this website was designed by a member other than Gino Carteciano. One of the biggest additions to the site are the online forum (UPLB MASS Forums) and online blog (UPLB MASS Domain). Own EMAIL application is another big feature of the site. But perhaps the greatest achievement of this version is that it comes with its own exclusive URL unlike the earlier versions that are just extensions of free web hosting sites. Thanks to our very generous alumni.
Version 7
Version 7 improved on the color scheme and design of Version 6, the version was a true update of the previous version. The member’s only section and some minor features of the site have been removed. This version also comes with a new host. UPLB MASS staples like the seal, the summation-integral, and George the MASScot have taken prominent roles in the design and the layout. One of the biggest additions to the site is the online journal.
Version 6
Version 6 was designed for easier navigation with beefed up content. New additions to the site including the Live Chat, the Members’ Area, and the return of the Articles section. The look of the site has also been overhauled to complement UPLB MASS’ official colors more, hence the lack of orange. This version’s launch coincided with the celebration of the 30th year of UPLB MASS.
Version 5 2003
Having a new hosting (, it was the first time that the website didn’t contain any ads or pop-up advertisements. We broken down the contents of the website to five sections: About Us, Stuff, The Site, Coming Soon, and Communicate. A more sophisticated graphics lay out was implemented. It was in constant retooling until this version was taken down, and Version 6 came to be.
Version 4
We returned the official colors, with the addition of orange, a good complement to a light shade of blue. Flash animations were limited to making “mini-movies”, and links were left to simple JPEG buttons and text links. A new addition to this version was the Free-for-all Links Page. With a more refined style of lay outing, it turned out to be the most easy-to-the-eyes incarnation of the site, up-to-this-date.
Version 3
We brought back the black background theme but this time, with white text. It was Flash-buttons-laden, therefore disagreeing with people with slow connections. It was edgy, dark, and in the long run resulting to a depressing aura. Moving further into this depression, Gino tried a very short-lived “Version 3.1” where Flash buttons were exchanged for JPEG buttons and text links. As a result, it was time for Version 4.
Version 2
Version 2 still featured the big ugly buttons and more crude “Photo-shopped” images. Basic information about UPLB Mass was exhibited in the website with the use of plain text and images. We can described this version using two words, simple and crude. Gino cultivated the use of GIF images, tables, color combinations (this incarnation of the site already conforms to UPLB MASS’ official colors: white and blue), and even Flash animations. In addition, we introduced functions such as picture galleries, message board, and guest book. Further experimentation with the layout and design led to “Version 3”. This is the first step of the website evolution in order to achieve the current trends of the internet world and website development.
Version 1
This website, UPLB MASS Online, was launched on June 17, 2001. UPLB Mass website was originally a “sub web” of Gino Carteciano’s personal site. The site conformed to the design and layout of Gino’s site. We will refer to that version of the site as “Version 1”. We considered it as the “nasty version” due to the plainness of the layout. It was designed with a black background, few content, green text, and huge ugly buttons. A few weeks after Version 1, visitor feedback eventually drove Gino to create UPLB MASS’ own site.